The Tramp At The Gates Of Hyperion

from by Syderal Overdrive



The Tramp At The Gates Of Hyperion is the last song of the band's first concept album, The Trick Of Life.


I've been drowning in the deepest mud,
In this harsh reality for such a long time,
I've grown so sick of this grinding life
Forced to run like hell, my bones were breaking
I just needed to forget,
Just wanted to fall asleep.

Can't remember how it happened,
How I found the labyrinth of sleep,
But as I saw the men's black sun sinkin'
I turned my head and had to flee,
Crashed the mirror of my mind,
The shards let me get inside

"Dismiss thy Reason
Dive in the thick blood -
Warm blood of passions,
And let thyself charmed
May thy cries
Resound in my skull"

I can't tell how long I've been wandering
In that misty, wasted and shady maze
The further I ran, deep in that web,
The more I grew insane and hopeless,
Then my voice slashed the air,
That thunder awoke a soul

She silently stood, above a scarlet spring,
A light shade of pale made her face shine,
And pointing at the pool she showed me the way
Nothing I could do but trusting her,
And as I plunged in Dionysus
The oblivion wrapped my sense

"Dismiss thy Reason
Dive in the thick blood -
Warm blood of passions,
And let thyself charmed
Let thy old fears
Get lost in the dark"

"In the shadows I sensed the rustle of a black cloak.
He, leading the Nightmare, held out his skeleton-like hand, and I gladly thought 'Finally, the End.'
But the nightmare went on; his Master's terrible fingers lightened the air, and looking beyond, full of disgust, I saw not a woman, but a whore, who filthily turning in the slime was arousing her lousy pleasure.
And then it came, the Beast; its lion's head, spitting devious flames of illusions, burnt everything and itself to dust.
I stared at that with dread and horror, but then a few tiny flowers bloomed out of the ashes, and I could do nothing but smile. The Nightmare had become a wonderful dream.
I found myself on the ground. Both my fellows were vanished. Then, I noticed the enormous white stair behind me: for the first time, I thought of everything I had seen and felt. All of this had begun as I was at the edge of my nihilism, but now I got that the sense of my existence was existence itself. And then I found what I had always looked for; I found serenity.
So, full of living curiosity, I started to climb."

It was then with a different mind,
That I reached the top of the marbled flight of steps,
An endless valley with a lost horizon,
Right in front of me a giant wall stood out:
Surrounded by the blazing light
The Gates of Hyperion

Behind the golden bars the light shaped
As a magnificent yet dreadful god, a holy lord, [though
In his eyes I saw the weakness of an ascetic slave.
He moved aside and offered me his paradise
"Thou, Tramp, cross the doorway,
Drop thy life, refuse that pain"

It looked so perfect
Such an heavenly place
So perfect that
'twas not real life
May my old fears
Get lost in the dark

'cause all I'd seen
Made me realize
The things I needed
Were in my old life
And so I woke up
With a laugh in my heart


from The Trick Of Life, released November 18, 2011
Music by Syderal Overdrive
Lyrics by A. Cherici, V. Di Francesco, M. Pinna




Syderal Overdrive Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Syderal Overdrive is a progressive metal/progressive rock band from Udine. The band was officialy created in 2009, and after some months of hard work with different lineups by summer 2010 the band reached a mix of a refined Progressive sound with Rock/Metal arrangements. The guys are about to release their first concept album, "The Trick Of Life", whose release is scheduled for Nov. 18th ... more

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