The Veil Of Maya Is Ripped

from by Syderal Overdrive



The Veil Of Maya Is Ripped is the first song of the band's first concept album, The Trick Of Life.


Was it all a lie?
A Haze of illusions?
Maya's Veil clouded my sight
Wrapped my sweet fable
(sure I had a bright life)
Oh, my broken fable
(realized I had only ash)
But now my dreams are wiped away
The Veil of Maya is ripped

"It seems to be so long ago
It doesn't even belong to me anymore;
The memory of a life I lived
Blind among the blind ones.
I was bewitched by the trick of life,
Numbed by a semblance of perfection.
My soul and heart were filled with hopes,
Days were enlightened by a misleading light"


from The Trick Of Life, released November 18, 2011
Music by Syderal Overdrive
Lyrics by Di Francesco Vincenzo




Syderal Overdrive Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Syderal Overdrive is a progressive metal/progressive rock band from Udine. The band was officialy created in 2009, and after some months of hard work with different lineups by summer 2010 the band reached a mix of a refined Progressive sound with Rock/Metal arrangements. The guys are about to release their first concept album, "The Trick Of Life", whose release is scheduled for Nov. 18th ... more

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